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15 09, 2015

Free translation

A translator’s job is to communicate a message to a reader whose mother tongue isn’t the same as the original work. Sometimes this can be a literal word for word translation and other times different ways have to be used to get the meaning of the message across as clearly as possible. One of these

15 09, 2015

Planning to sell into foreign countries?

It’s a good idea. Non-English speaking countries are huge and growing fast. There is a lot of opportunity. Of course you need to do pre-work to market your products and ensure you have support in place for your overseas end-users for example and if you’re selling into countries where the first language is different from

15 09, 2015

A fair price for translation

The translation industry isn’t regulated. There are many websites offering low prices and these prices are continuing to spiral down. Should you search out the lowest price for your work? Would you feel confident with a translation received via a relatively faceless website? I know I’m biased, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t