Translating is our passion

We’re a small and responsive translation company which means we can be flexible when required but at the same time we use state-of-the-art technology to meet the demands of larger multinational corporations.

We can be trusted with your projects, we deliver as promised, we will work with you to solve your translation problems. The best scenario for us is that we get to know your business and requirements and help you to make your translation decisions – we’re in it for the long-term and of course your success is paramount.


Cherie Plaice

I’ve been in the translation industry for around 30 years and over that time have gained a substantial amount of knowledge. I am passionate about language, about understanding what the other person is not only saying but what they actually mean. I still turn my hand occasionally to the odd translation and am a member of both the Institute of Translating and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Our company is a member of the Association of Translation Companies (atc.org.uk) which is the UK benchmark association for our industry and I am currently serving on the Board as Honorary Treasurer.

I also represent the UK industry on the General Board of the European Association of Translation Companies (euatc.org) which is the overarching European body for translation associations.

When I’m not working I like to spend my time dancing and travelling – excellent hobbies to combine with my main foreign language which is Spanish.

Why don’t you book a chat with me to discuss your requirements?

Contact Cherie: cherie@wordfishtranslations.com

Hannah Davies

I’m Hannah Davies and I’ve been an in-house translator and project manager with Wordfish Translations for the last five years. I have a first in French from Swansea University and a Masters in Translation and Linguistics from the University of Westminster.

When I’m not working I love learning new languages, being outdoors, watching Poirot and the work of Dr Ian Malcolm.

Contact Hannah: hannah@wordfishtranslations.com

Hannah and Cherie

We believe our flexibility helps us to work smartly for you. We use up-to-the-minute cloud technology to project manage our work as well as creating client relevant translation memories and glossaries, but we also use our own human brains to make decisions! Sometimes we are better than the machines…

We are striving towards a paperless office, using paperless technologies as much as possible and in so doing reducing our carbon footprint. Sometimes we have our team meetings outside, very green.

Our links with translators worldwide mean we have experts to turn to who are tried and trusted in their relevant fields – for example website localisation, marketing materials, legal or pharmaceutical documents. Of course as well as being experts in their field they are also qualified to translate into their mother tongue.

Translators spend many years perfecting their skills. It takes a translator around a day to translate around 2000 words as often they have to carry out research even within their specialist fields to produce the best possible translation. This is then reviewed by another translator to check that there are no odd mistakes – you have to remember we are all human!

We pride ourselves in having built good relationships with our translators and some of them even like working with us!!

“I’ve been working with Wordfish Translations on a regular basis for the last three years or so and I would rate their organisation as fantastic. Projects are very well organised, payments are prompt and quality is paramount. Project managers are efficient and polite. I’d definitely recommend any translator to work for them.”
Noelia C, English-Spanish translator

“I have been working with Wordfish Translations in a freelance capacity for around nine years. Over this time I have had a steady flow of translation assignments from them. Communication has always been excellent and I greatly enjoy working with this friendly and efficient team. I would definitely recommend Wordfish as a reliable, well-organised translation company.”
Richard E, French/German-English translator

“I have been working with Wordfish Translations on a freelance basis since 2013. Wordfish is well-organised and professional. It always sends offers of work which are appropriate to my set of skills. Email communication with SBC is prompt and there is always someone on the end of a phone to field my queries whether at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a translation. I found Wordfish Translation staff members very helpful and generous when discussing matters on translation software. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other translators.”
Rosemary L, Spanish/French to English translator